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How to Work with Healing Stones

Stones are an excellent way to invite positive changes into any aspect of your life. Whether you are new to Stone or want to take your holistic healing journey to the next level, Stones are a great addition to any routine, ritual, alter, or your daily life. They can promote peace, confidence, cleansing, motivation, and more.

Stones can help to open the door to new possibilities and bring balance and stability to your life. They can help you to manifest your personal power and create positive energy for yourself and those around you. Stones can also be used for protection and healing.

‘Spiritual devices such as stones are amazing. Different types of stones possess varying healing properties. As a result of their high vibrations, some stones are excellent aura cleaners, which ensure your aura is protected at all times.

This is because they act as powerful energy conductors. The vibrations they emit help to remove any negative energy that could be attached to the aura, while also helping to restore balance and harmony.

“Work with Healing Stones. How to use them?"

Stones were formed deep beneath the Earth’s surface millions of years ago. When molten lava from erupting volcanoes was thrown out, it combined with various minerals and cooled down to Stoneize. It was formed by the natural evolution of minerals. The atomic structure of stones differs from that of rocks. Stone's atoms are all in the same direction, placed in a repeated pattern. The atoms in a rock are arranged randomly and unpatented.

A stone vibrates at a certain frequency, altering the vibration of the user. The vibration changes as energy blocks are healed or removed from the aura of a space or person. Healing is the process of changing the vibration. The frequency at which a stone vibrates is unique to each type of stone.

Stones can be used in various ways, but here I will discuss how we can use them as a healing tool. Our aura is made up of various vertices or chakras, and most of us know the seven main

Stones can be used to help open, balance, and align these chakras and help to heal our aura.

Chakras in our body when our chakras are moving in the correct direction are not blocked, but open, we are in emotionally, physically and mentally healthy state.

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