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It is fragrances that breathe life into the air, and they provide a sense of well-being in the home. One of the most convenient things about modern times is that it's easy to add scent to the air. Right now, reed diffusers are the hottest trend in home fragrance, and are an excellent way to maintain a constant fragrance throughout your home. In addition to having a wonderful, long-lasting aromatic scent, reed diffusers are flameless and provide a wonderful alternative to candles.

The AATWIK home fragrance collection inspires and rejuvenates your mind at the end of the day. With its elegant modern fragrance, it also creates a decorative statement. Every mood is enhanced by our brand's luxe home fragrances. So that each room is gently scented all the time, they bring serenity to your living space, bathroom, or bedroom.

Bring a soothing ambience to your home with our handmade & hand poured Reed diffusers. Reed diffusers made with high quality oils and fine ingredients make up our exciting product line.

Your space will be scented with a scent that matches the finest traits of the season for you -- the fresh air after a snowfall, the bracing air when sledding down a hillside. Maybe it's the cookies in the kitchen, or the memory of a tropical place. Whatever you find most helpful to your mood.

“How reed diffusers work and why you should love them,”

Added scent to the home is one of the finest affordable luxuries we've discovered. There is nothing more romantic, cozy, or sophisticated than the right scent in a home. The scent of the surroundings makes one feel completely pampered, and it is very enjoyable. Scent the home with scented candles, sprays, plug-in refreshers, and diffusers.

The scent oil is contained in a decorative jar, along with reeds and a decorative jar. Once the oil has evaporated, only the reeds and the scented oil need to be replaced. Diffusers last several weeks or months. This makes diffusers far more cost-effective than many types of products, which last far less time and need to be replaced entirely.

A Reed diffuser consists of three components. First, the vessel is the main body of the Reed diffuser which contains the second component, the fragrance oil. Third, you have the individual reeds you insert through the vessel mouth into the fragrance oil.

Diffuser reeds are filled with microscopic channels.

A high-quality diffuser stick lasts six and 12 months. You’ll know it’s time to replace the Reeds when they’ve become oversaturated and clogged – basically, when they stop releasing fragrance. If you notice the fragrance weakening after a few months, try flipping the Reeds before replacing them.

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